After partnering with my father for 10 years in New York with Cameo Kitchens, I decided to strike out on my own. My wife and I moved to Phoenix in 1979. I went to work for a company called Kitchen and Bath for 10 years doing cabinet refacing and complete kitchen remodels. They eventually were bought out by another major remodeling company.

I then ran the Home Depot division for 5 years. I was in charge of all of the kitchen and countertop installations, overseeing approximately 15 people, and all of the Home Depot stores. After leaving there, I worked for 2 other remodeling companies before going into business for myself. I knew i had the necessary skills to provide a unique and innovative product and service for my customers.

I partnered with Dick Adamski a few years back to try to share the burden of every day operations. It has proven to be highly successful in allowing us to give more attention to the customers’ needs. Everyone working with me now, I consider a friend and rely on and trust in them.