Why should you reface or refinish your current bathroom or kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them? There are all kinds of practical benefits to refacing your cabinets instead of getting entirely new ones. The main advantages are:

    • Your kitchen will remain operational during the work and we can usually complete the work in less than a week.
    • We can alter or add cabinets to your existing layout.
    • You can save up to 50% off the price of buying brand new cabinets!

So refacing your kitchen cabinets saves time and money – which makes a lot of sense! We know how busy you are. And we understand you don’t want to lose access to your kitchen or bathroom while it’s being updated. That’s why refacing your cabinets makes a lot of sense.

The difference between refacing and refinishing

You may be wondering what the difference is between cabinet refacing and refinishing. The answer is that refinishing is an even simpler process. Let’s break it down here:

    • With refinishing, we sand your original cabinets and then stain or repaint them for you in the finish of your choice.
    • However, when we reface your cabinets, we replace the drawers and door fronts with new ones and also cover the boxes with a matching veneer to ensure they blend in seamlessly.
    • In order for your cabinets to be a good candidate for refinishing, ideally they need to be in fairly sound condition. By this we mean they shouldn’t be too damaged. It doesn’t matter as much if they’re damaged if we’re resurfacing them.
    • In either case, whether you’re getting your cabinets refinished or refaced, they should be in decent structural condition. Otherwise we may recommend new cabinets as an alternative.
    • Both refinishing and refacing your cabinets can freshen them up, extend their lifetime and save you the cost of remodelling your kitchen.